Thursday, August 11, 2011

Noose on the Loose

Leather Noose necklace, ages 18 and older. They work, please don't come up to me and pull the bottom.

Like a bad girl should

Alright guys, I know that it's a hot sweaty Thursday afternoon and all you jelly beans are waiting to get lubed up and hit the streets tonight. So I wanted to fire up your senses with my favorite music video via the cramps. Not only is it smoking hot, there are some great leather pumps and obviously the pleather pants, Ill let it slip this time lux. We all know no man could survive in leather pants that tight.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

RIP steve irwin

 Still wondering what I should do with my sting ray leather face. Yup, that right there is the face of the sting ray that killed steve irwin. i went into the ocean de-faced him. I hand dyed this navy blue too, turned out a sweet purple grey color. Gnarly bro

Do I even need to post this?

If there is anyone who loves leather more than his own skin, it is hands down rob halford from judas priest. May the leather gods praise your sweet sweet soul rob. Love murphy

sit on this bitch

here's an antique stool that I re upholstered this week with genuine lambskin I hand dyed with navy dye. Super fucking stoked on this, the leather turned out fucking rad!


Hey there, this is a new blog about.. you guessed it leather. Enjoy this sick skins!
Rip it up

Brando, in the OG motorcycle style leather jacket that started a fashion trend for decades to come.